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Technical Entry Scheme 10+2. | Afpi Punjab | Maharaja Ranjit Singh Academy, Afpi Mohali, Maharaja Ranjit Singh Academy Afpi Mohali, Maharaja Ranjit Singh Academy entrance exam  - GL116627

Many parents have doubts that if a cadet will not be able to join the NDA after passing through Maharaja Ranjit Singh Academy for any reason, then what will be the next option? After talking to Prabhjot sir, I myself, being the NDA aspirant, came to know that apart from NDA, an aspirant must prepare for IIT Mains so that after 12th board result, he can apply for a bachelor of engineering in Indian Defence through a technical entry scheme whose eligibility criteria is to qualify for IIT Mains with 60% & above marks in physics, chemistry & Maths.

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