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Equality among all educational boards by the AFPI Mohali  | Afpi Punjab | Maharaja Ranjit Singh Academy, Afpi Mohali, Maharaja Ranjit Singh Academy Afpi Mohali, Maharaja Ranjit Singh Academy entrance exam  - GL116630

Prabhjot Sir clarified that PSEB students receive equal consideration in all aspects and that Maharaja Ranjit Singh Academy does not solely select ICSE & CBSE students. Also, approximately 50% of students who take the Maharaja Ranjit Singh Academy's entrance exam are from the Punjab School Education Board. The selection procedure for AFPI Mohali is fair, with no partiality for candidates. MRSA Afpi is merit-based, evaluating candidates based on their marks in the written exam & interview. For more information, contact Prabhjot Sir at 9041536379

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